Thursday, January 17, 2013

Returned After Two Year Break

I checked my last post ,which was two years ago.Time flys.
This past two years I have been busy,taking care of my husband,Murray.He had dementia along with cancer.Three operations in 8 years.Passed away this past April.
Then it was my turn.Last November I had a detached retina,since then I have had 3 operations on my eye and have not been able to see anything since the first operation.My eye pressure is so low they cannot get a reading.I am still going for checkups but does not look good.
I am still working at crafts,quilting and rughooking.I have started to make my first rag quilt .I will put some pictures on once I get it organized the way I want it.One thing about a rag quilt ,there is no hand quilting to do on it.Once it is sewn together and clipped it is finished.

                                         WHITE POINT BEACH-NOVA SCOTIA- QUILT
Last weekend I was to an unveiling of a beautiful quilt.White Point Lodge burned last November and this November they finished a new Lodge .A quilt that hung in the Lodge was destroyed in the fire,so a local lady,Bev Crouse decided there should be another quilt made.This was made and quilted  and presented at the Lodge last weekend.Many people helped quilt.Approximately 500 people put stitches in the quilt.Youngest quilter 5 years old to oldest probably 80 years.
This quilt has a story behind it,each panel represents something pertaining to  White Point Lodge.Cabins,golf course,beach,boat house,pool,surfing,on the right,fourth block down represents the wedding that took place the day the Lodge burned,gifts,etc.Second block down on the right are the many bunnies that run around the grounds of the Lodge,they could not be left out.Center block is the famous fireplace.The fireplace in the main lodge that burned ,was about the only thing left standing.They have replaced that and added another one in the main diningroom.
Something else interesting is the framing,notice it is framed in the old fashion bars that have been used to quilt quilts for years,even to the clamps that hold the bars together.This is how it will hang on the wall in the Lodge.
Here is a video of the day of the unveiling of the quilt and preparing the quilt blocks that were stitched by many people .You may see yourself in this video.    

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