Saturday, September 18, 2010

Salt and Pepper Hat

2  skeins 3 ply Bouquet Islander yarn or any kind that will give you 5 sts to inch.
Knitting needles 11 and 9 or the size to get correct tension.

Cast on 90 stitches with smaller needles Work 1 k1,p1 rib.change to larger needles
1 st row:*k9,p1* repeat from* to * to end of row.(9 patterns)
2nd row:*k1,p9 repeat from*to* to end of row.
 3rd row: *k8 inc st in next st.p1 *repeat from*to* to end of row.
4th row:*k1 p10 *repeat from* to * to end of row.
Continue in this manner until there are 16 sts in each pattern,increasing every 2nd row. without further increasing,continue pattern until work measures 4-4 1/2 ins.
Next row *knit14 p2 together* Repeat from *to* to end of row.
Next row: *k2 p14* repeat from * to * to end of row.
 Continue in pattern until 27 sts remain.Break wool leaving 18 in end.Thread through remaining sts and fasten off.Sew seam.

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