Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

It has been a long day but enjoyable.I started the day by cooking 2 turkeys,rolls and fudge ,that I did not get made before Xmas.I had planned on making chocolates ,but just did not have time to make them.It has been a tradition for years.I will make them between now and New Years.
There were 22 family members for dinner.We are lucky to have our family all here in Nova Scotia,except for four,2 in Nfld,1 in Alberta and the other is in B.C.They were one of the lucky ones that made it home before Xmas,with all the cancellations,by the airlines because of the weather.
Everyone enjoyed the meal and exchange of gifts and have returned home .It was nice weather for travelling.
Watch for my chocolate recipe .Will post it tomorrow

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