Monday, January 19, 2009

Knitted Hat

Just finished two hats for daughter No.2.Red and black.Some years ago I made hats like these with a peak on them,called salt and pepper cap.One I knit did not get a peak.She liked it that way so I gave it to her.Recently she wondered if i would knit a hat like it.Well I had not idea which book the pattern was in.(I have many pattern books) Daughter No.1 and I were talking and she said didn't you make hats like that with peaks on.That rang a bell.Salt and pepper hat.


  1. I enjoyed your discussion about the knitted hats. I am a knitter, crochter, and have at one time or another tried each of the different projects you discuss in your 'about me' sidebar.
    How lucky you are to live so close to the ocean in one of the prettiest places in the World.

    I appreciate it that you are a follower of my blog and I will certainly keep coming back to yours. We have so much in common - grin. I have
    slowed down on most of my 'hobbies' as I am teaching on line, and making landscape wall hangings which satisfies my urge to be original.

    Good luck with your blog. Shirley P.

  2. Your blog is wonderful.You landscapes are lovely.You live in a beautiful country,with the mountain scenery.I have painted two oil paintings.One is of mountains.I took a course,Bob Ross style,in fact two .We completed a painting in each class.I have everything to do more paintings but all I need is time.


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